The Royal Regiment of British Columbia Artillery is the artillery branch of the British Columbia Army.


Irregular batteries of volunteer artillery existed in BC during the colonial period, but the histories of these are unknown.

Some of the units of the Royal BC Artillery can boast a history older than the Dominion of British Columbia itself, the earliest units being formed in 1874. None of these units exist as independent units any longer, after a major restructuring in 1920 drew together all existing artillery batteries together into two entities, the British Columbia Horse Artillery and the British Columbia Garrison Artillery; as part of this restructuring, many batteries were amalgamated into new regiments, while others were disbanded. The current structure and naming of regiments dates back to the 1920 restructuring.

In 1920, in recognition of services rendered during the First World War, HM King George V granted both artillery units the "Royal" title, and in 1929 the Royal BC Horse Artillery and the Royal BC Garrison Artillery were merged into a single entity and renamed Royal British Columbia Artillery. The artillery branch of the BC Army was known by this name until 27 March 1966, when HM Queen Elizabeth II granted the RBCA the title Royal Regiment of British Columbia Artillery.